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  • Spring 2014 Editor's Note

    After a long winter it’s finally spring again in Washington, D.C.  That means the cherry blossoms are blooming, tourists are swarming the monuments, and the city is once again vibrating with the energ

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  • Fall 2013 Editor’s Note

    In the Fall 2013 issue of gnovis Journal, the five featured authors explore the influence technology has had on society. The reach of technology ranges from one’s perception of identity and self, to t

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  • Spring 2013 Editor's Note

    Much like our beloved Communication, Culture & Technology program at Georgetown Univeristy, gnovis typically finds itself concentrating primarily within the realm of communication and media studies. U

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  • Fall 2012 Editor's Note

    Download - Fall 2012 Journal PDF Technology, whether that be social media or a pen, lets us capture a moment - and communication allows us to intervene in it. To put this another way, communication en

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  • Spring 2012 Editor's Note

    gnovis occupies a special region within the scholarly community. It is located along a borderline of thought, bridging various disciplines; it is also at the heart of a longstanding academic instituti

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  • Fall 2011 Editor's Note

    Download - Fall 2011 Journal PDF Moore’s law states that every 18-months the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles, allowing for devices to become smaller and faster. In this digital

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  • Summer 2011 Editor's Note

    The meaning of the “T” in the Communication, Culture, and Technology Program (CCT) here at Georgetown is often debated. Yet what we do understand is the ubiquity of technology, the challenges, and the

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  • Spring 2011 Editor's Note

    Spring is a time for transformation, new beginnings – and at gnovis – we honor this timely tradition of the season by the passing of the torch to a new leadership team and to present a fresh batch of scholarly articles. This season isn’t any different. After receiving a record number of submissions for our Spring 2011 issue, we are proud of the 12 articles included in our most competitive issue to date.
    The articles of this issue touch on a number of subjects: from the construction of celebrity ailing bodies in terms of disease to memorializing bodies on Facebook. Exploring frameworks of interpretations among new and old medias to how technology can improve development and broaden the education experience, and more.

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  • Fall 2010 Editor's Note

    This fall gnovis put out a call for its first academic year themed issue, Difference. Managing Editor Akoto Ofori-Atta and myself felt strongly that our final publication as gnovis Editors should be one that focused specifically on issues of power, marginalization and difference areas that are of great personal significance to us as black women. Aware that there were many graduate students already speaking to these issues in their work, we were excited in September to see what a targeted call for papers would produce. Our authors did not disappoint!

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  • Summer 2010 Editor's Note

    Our Summer 2010 special issue marks a noteworthy juncture for gnovis, both in the diversification of our journal and in the engagement of the CCT community. This themed issue features papers from the students of Professor JP Singh’s Fall 2009 Global Governance and Deliberation class, making this our first issue solely dedicated to a CCT course.

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