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  • Spring 2010 Editor's Note

    In the Spring 2010 gnovis issue, our seven authors are weaving together themes of identity, technology and fragmentation. Digital technologies change the way we understand self, medium and space; however, they do not render obsolete our previous ways of knowing. Hence, our understandings of self, medium and space become sites where we patch together what is old with what is new.

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  • Fall 2009 Editor's Note

    In the Fall 2009 issue of gnovis, authors wrestle with how technologies are shaping the content and form of public discourse. Specifically, this issue addresses discursive shifts found in news media,

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  • Spring 2009 Editor's Note

    In this issue of gnovis, the emphasis is on the social.

    All five of our authors grappled with issues surrounding the social construction of technology. Their works investigate how the oft complex relationships between individuals and organizations can transform a technology and present unintended applications: whether with video games, Wikipedia, or the economy.

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  • Fall 2008 Editor's Note

    One of the pleasures of writing an editor’s note for a journal like gnovis, which covers such a wealth of inspired topics, is the
    opportunity to spend a quiet afternoon looking at a stack of seemingly unrelated papers– searching for the common thread (or threads) that
    holds the stack together. Some threads are easier to find than others but, like a thread pulled from a sweater, once discovered they seem to
    have no end.

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  • Summer 2008 Editor's Note

    Less than a month from today, following the national conventions and selection of vice-presidential candidates, the 2008 US Presidential Election will finally enter its concluding stage – a two-month political & media extravaganza that will exceed any election spectacle we’ve seen before….

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  • Spring 2008 Editor's Note

    Last December, with the release of the Fall 2007 issue of gnovis, I wrote “[though] these papers are somewhat disparate in topic, there is nonetheless much that they have in common: a vitality of purpose (…), a commitment to interdisciplinary rigor and ambition, and a distinct awareness of the relationship between the present and the past.” The same sentiment holds true for this Spring 2008 issue, as well, and I am pleased to say that I believe this is our strongest issue yet, thanks both to the increasing quality . . .

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  • Fall 2007 Editor's Note

    It is with great pleasure, and a healthy dose of pride, that I introduce the Fall 2007 Issue of gnovis – the culmination of an exhilarating but busy summer and fall. Though labeled Volume 8, Number 1, this issue is, to my knowledge, the first formal issue released by gnovis: six articles, published simultaneously, as a set. As a principally online journal, gnovis has in the past—for better or worse—had the ability to accept and publish articles on a rolling basis. However, in the interests of increasing our output, locking down our workflow, and expanding our readership, we decided that it was time to switch to a more traditional publication process.
    The result? This issue alone contains more papers than were published in any one of the previous four academic years, and we’re only halfway through the year. Our submission rate has nearly doubled over last year, and we’ve received a very welcome influx of articles from outside of Georgetown University, one of which has been included in this issue.
    Our new publication process isn’t the only change at gnovis this year. We’ve also diversified our online content, which now includes a blog and a podcast, in addition to the journal. All of our content is available on our website, at

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