Spring 2012 Editor's Note

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gnovis occupies a special region within the scholarly community. It is located along a borderline of thought, bridging various disciplines; it is also at the heart of a longstanding academic institution with a flutter for progressive electronic publications and finally, it is positioned as an active platform for the exchange between emerging scholars. The benefits of being located on all of these edges? Innovation. Exposure to diverse ideas, and the flexibility to explore and adapt.

This semester gnovis further embraced its dynamic position when it hosted its inaugural conference at Georgetown University and thus inhabited the space between the online journal and the physical gathering of minds. The edges now continue to shift as we get ready to transition from one editorial staff to the next and it is with this backdrop that I have the pleasure to present to you our new Spring issue. In true gnovis style, the interdisciplinary papers which follow come from an outstanding array of authors, which feature the following themes:

Alan Hui-Bon-Hoa explores the concepts of image and representation in Turning Grit Into Glamour: “Neo Bohemia” and the Street Fashion Blog; Ananya Mukherjee, analyzes the colorful and changing cinematic history of India in CAPITAL SHOT: On Screen Delhi; Benjamin Tarsa unpacks the virtual space of gaming and ownership in Virtual Goods and Intellectual Property: Who Owns It?; Bethany Doran seeks a narrative of public space in Searching for a Memory: Reflexivity, Privilege, and Public Parks; Shin Haeng Lee traces the shift in news production in The End of the Traditional Gatekeeper; William Michael Thomas introduces us to the visual journey of Photography and the Aura Encounter; and Yelena Osipova explores some current issues of Russian public diplomacy in Selective Processing: A Strategic Challenge for Public Diplomacy.

It wouldn’t have been possible to put all of these papers together without the exceptional work of the gnovis staff, peer reviewers, Editorial Board, and CCT graduate program. Thank you all. There are also a few others who I’d like to personally mention:

My friend and Assistant Managing Journal Editor, Sarah Inman, your work is integral to gnovis. Managing Journal Editor Colleen Valentine, your commitment and drive helps make each edition possible and current Editor-in-Chief Lauren Barnett, thank you for teaching me the rules of the gnovis game. Play on!

We wish all the best to our graduating staff and introduce the new ones with pride: outreach and networking extraordinaire Joshua Margolin, multimedia and journal producer Greg Boone, and lead blogger Erin Coleman.

So, here is to successful transitions, to exploring the edges, and to the launch of another journal. Enjoy!

Katerina Girginova

Assistant Editor-in-Chief