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  • The Spartan Spectacle

    If a guy likes the film 300, is he gay? In 2007 writer Matt Feeney launched a tirade against critics who would interpret 300, and other macho-man action flicks, as homoerotic. Men who like such films

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  • This Sex Which is Not H1

    “This Sex Which is Not H1” is a digital story inspired by Luce Irigaray’s “This Sex Which is Not One,” the creator’s home town of Orange County, California and the many truths and falsehoods put fort

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  • Content Analysis of Study Abroad Websites

    My approach to this digital story was based on a proposal for a content analysis of images from university study abroad websites. I was interested in how these images portray the study abroad experie

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  • 2008 Democratic Primary: Framing Race & Gender

    “2008 Democratic Primary: Framing Race and Gender” explores how race and gender impacted media coverage of the 2008 Democratic Primary between Senators Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. The project ar

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  • The Coverage of Flight 387: A Narrative of Tragedy

    In what manner may narrative theory be applied to visual research? This digital story tackles the various ways in which newspapers construct stories through the use of visuals and text. Using a case

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  • Batman: A Visual Analysis

    "Batman: A Visual Analysis" adapts Malcolm Collier's photo elicitation method to drawn visuals to explore how reality is reflected in artistic method and subject material. Examining various Batman co

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  • Cyborg Transformation

    "Cyborg Transformation" explores the cyborg's potential for disrupting conservative gender roles, as described by Donna Haraway’s famous "Cyborg Manifesto". Through the lens of Fritz Lang's 1927 fil

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