Cyborg Transformation

Posted in 2009 The Gnovis Blog

“Cyborg Transformation” explores the cyborg’s potential for disrupting conservative gender roles, as described by Donna Haraway’s famous “Cyborg Manifesto”. Through the lens of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis, I juxtapose Maria before and after her cyborg transformation. Although the narrative of the film damns and eventually destroys her, by placing the pre and post cyborg Marias next to each other, I expose ways that cyborgian subjectivity frees Maria from the constricts of passive controlled femininity. One way I emphasize Maria’s power is by offering an alternative ending. Fritz Lang’s film burns the cyborg on a stake and order is restored to the city. I chose to end the film with Maria scampering off in safety while the city crumbles and the machinery implodes.