2008 Democratic Primary: Framing Race & Gender

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“2008 Democratic Primary: Framing Race and Gender” explores how race and gender impacted media coverage of the 2008 Democratic Primary between Senators Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. The project argues that race and gender pervaded the political discourse while white male presidential candidate’s race and gender have virtually been absent from political discussion and debate. It questions the implications of media, popular culture, and news programming on the public’s perception of Obama and Clinton while referencing the struggles of the past with the continued struggles of today.

This was the final project for Dr. Coventry’s, Sex, Gender, and The Body course. It is the digital portion of an analytical paper that uses a feminist framework on identity, regulation, and political media in order to investigate how the bodies of women and minorities are coded differently thereby bounding Obama and Clinton to their respective race and gender while solidifying white patriarchal values, ideas, and images as the norm.

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