"Hated It: Humor, Homo, and the Heterosexual"

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Hated It!: Humor, Homo, and the Heterosexual from gnovis on Vimeo.


“Hated It” addresses the use of parody as a transgressive practice to subvert essentialized constructions of gender, sex, and sexuality. Using numerable arguments from various gender and media studies theorists, “Hated It” seeks to examine the subversive utility of gay camp by heterosexual actors in mainstream parodic performances. “Hated It” uses footage from the 1990s sketch comedy show, In Living Color and its popular skit “Men On…” to highlight the confluence of race and gender as social constructions. The video delves into the gay camp on “Men On…” to expose the skit’s utility in undermining established hegemonies of black masculinity, even in light of the skit’s heterosexual actors. As the video progresses, “Hated It” purposefully confounds the viewer by abstractly conveying the pliability and fluid nature of parodic performance in highlighting the constructions of gender, sex, sexuality and race.