Why We Blog (Revisited) & Our Holiday Hiatus

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Our editorial team will be wrapping up our Fall issue next week, but for our bloggers the holiday break starts today. We’ll be back in early January. Before I retreat to the editor’s corner, though, I thought I’d wrap up our semester in a pretty little bow. I swear I didn’t plan this.

You’ll recall that we kicked off the semester with a four part series (1, 2, 3, 4) called "Why We Blog," in which we explored our personal, academic, and organizational reasons for contributing to the gnovis blog – and for blogging in academia in general. Well, completely unprompted, CCT student Mike Moore brought this topic back around with his self-described "low-budget powerpoint slideshow":

Why Do We Blog

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Not only did Mike’s slideshow wrap up this semester nicely, it also inadvertantly set us up for next semester by approaching the topic visually. Without revealing too much, the spring semester will see the unveiling of a new multimedia section on the gnovis site, featuring videos and other digital scholarship from CCT students.

Stay tuned for our Fall issue next week, and have a wonderful holiday break!