Web 2.0! Are We All Drunk off the New Media Kool-Aid?

Posted in The Gnovis Blog

As the articles rush in through RSS feeds and products are marketed to us by Google Adsense and Amazon, anyone remotely touched by technology has seemingly jumped quite enthusiastically onto the web 2.0 bandwagon.

Established blogger, maketing strategist, and early proponent of the web 2.0 movement, Steve Rubel, comments at length about the fandom turned exagerrated fan-fiction coalescing around new media. Not surprisingly, Rubel says all the fuss is due to, you guessed it- money.

As we feverishly blog and podcast, is the hype so many are perpetuating, including us at gnovis, similar to the dot com hysteria of the late ’90s?

In reality, what is the true revolutionary power of the Web 2.0 movement? And more importantly, will its potential be harnessed for any meaningful purposes beyond economic gain?