We Swaggin: Kreyshawn and Work of Art

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Vidding, as Colleen explained in her introduction to Hung Up on You, are fan videos based on television and film clips. And, as her link to In Media Res elaborates, vidding is  a more elaborate practice that might meet the eye. Through these self-produced pieces (which can be individual projects or collaborations), fans seek to both pay homage, as well as call into question, or create alternative dialogues, to TV shows and movies by juxtaposing a selection of specific film clips with a song’s musical and or lyrical elements. By producing short videos that play off preexisting dialogue, or create a counterintuitive ones, fans capture the ability to insert themselves into the narrative.
In the piece above, I have chosen to contrast host China Chow’s outfits on Work of Art, with Kreyshawn’s song Gucci Gucci, in order to play up the ostentatious qualities of both. While highly playful in nature, the video attempts to draw out a more complicated dialogue about the role of the show’s host and the content it seeks to present. Moreover, as this practice allows for a closer look at the dynamics of the media object itself, the piece serves to further a dialogue between China Chow, the contestants, and fellow judges of Work of Art.