The Weekly Round-Up: Barnes & Noble's Nook vs. Amazon's Kindle Vs. Sony's Daily Edition Reader this Holiday Season

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I remember returning home for Christmas during my freshman year of college.  In my semester at school, I found myself enjoying writing papers for my English classes far more than my second go-around with Calculus (which, didn’t turn out much better than the first ).  On December 25, I reached into my bright-red stocking and found a hard-cover copy of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style.  With the rise of new e-book readers out this winter, it looks as though digital stocking stuffers may be more popular than in years past.  Will e-book readers be replacing paperbacks this holiday season?

Barnes & Noble’s new “Nook”, the first Android-powered e-book reader, features G3 wireless technology, turns into a digital keyboard and looks to represent a new generation of e-book readers.  Unfortunately, it has already sold out due to overwhelming popularity.  Like the Nook, Sony’s new Daily Edition Reader may not get to buyers in time for the holidays either.  Are these new readers poised to replace Amazon’s Kindle?

The Nook:

The Barnes & Noble Nook



Here’s a Round-Up of the latest e-book reader comparisons and holiday season trouble from the tech blogosphere:

Ala Tech Source’s Blog:

“The Amazon Kindle’s first real competitor saw the light of day for the first time this week, and it looks very, very impressive. The Barnes & Noble Nook launched Oct 20th, and it stands toe-to-toe with the standard that has been set by the Kindle, even exceeding it in many ways….”

LA Times Tech Blog

“Barnes & Noble Inc., looking ahead to the next chapter in digital publishing, this afternoon took the wraps off an electronic book reader, dubbed “nook.”….”

“Looks like the Amazon Kindle might have some competition this holiday shopping season. Barnes & Noble announces the availability of the $259 Nook E-Reader….”

(This one has a great demo video)


“While information on Barnes & Noble’s new e-book reader, the Nook, has been trickling out for several days, the company unveiled the new $259 device on its Web site Tuesday a few hours before the official launch event in New York….”

New York Times Tech Blog:


“The Sony Daily Edition Reader might seem like a fine holiday gift. Unlike the other Sony e-reading devices sold in stores now, it has a spacious 7-inch touchscreen and wireless access to Sony’s online bookstore and newsstand.

The only problem: Sony, which is in a tight race with Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s new Nook in the growing market for reading devices and e-books, can’t guarantee that buyers will receive the “Daily” in time for the holiday….”

Barnes & Noble’s Nook:

“Earlier this week, we reported that Sony could not guarantee that its new Daily Edition Reader would reach online buyers in time for Christmas.

Now Barnes & Noble says that preorders of its stylish new Nook e-reader have exceeded expectations, and that the company has sold out of its initial supply of devices.

Amazon had these same problems last year but now appears to have gotten its manufacturing and supply chain in order….”

Personal Money Store Blog:

“We all saw it coming. Well, at least people who are even mildly interested in e-book readers saw it coming. The Barnes and Noble Nook has entered the scene as the next big contender in the market for devices used to electronically read books.

A few other companies have or will attempt to produce an e-book reader that will knock Kindle out of the first-place spot when it comes to sales of e-readers, but experts say the Barnes and Noble Nook just might do the trick….”