Enjoy Complexity? Check out Dr. Mark Buchanan this Wednesday, April 28

Posted in The Gnovis Blog

This Wednesday, April 28 from 4-6 PM, CCT will be hosting a lecture by Dr. Mark Buchanan, entitled “Finance and Complexity Science.” Dr. Buchanan will be discussing some of the ways in which financial markets can benefit from analysis utilizing a complex systems approach.

Complexity science has been used to understand the adaptive behaviors of natural systems, but is also extremely transferrable as a framework for many of the issues we look at here in CCT, to include organization and information management, futures, and IT governance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with complexity science, it is the study of complex adaptive systems. These are systems involving many interdependent parts (such as the finance industry involving numerous banks, businesses, consumers, and government) that adapt to changing environments on a continual basis. It provides models for analyzing rapidly changing environments in ways that maximize creativity and anticipate systemic weaknesses.

Check out the lecture on Wednesday, April 28th in the Riggs Library. This event is open to the public.