Don't forget to cast your TwitterVote!

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It’s election day – you struggling yet? 49 minutes until the majority of East Coast polling locations close, and until then, all of those pretty Flash interfaces on CNN, MSNBC, and even BBC remain completely empty, waiting for streaming data to make them come alive. If you are like me, you have followed the polls, listened to the pundits, and watched more Meet the Press than might be healthy. If you are like me, this is the no man’s land between speculation and confirmation.

Well, here is a site that is trying to capture the voting experience via twitter: TwitterVote (new window)!

(new window)

From the "about" page:

Millions of Americans will be voting this Election Day. Many of these voters will have terrific experiences and we’d love to hear about those. But many voters will experience voting problems that we have been hearing about for years: long lines, broken machines, and registered voters who can’t vote because their names aren’t showing up on the registration rolls.
Using Twitter Vote Report, voters will be able to share their experiences and resources with one another (e.g. "#wait:120" meaning that the wait time is 120 minutes). These messages will then be aggregated and mapped so that we can "see" voting problems around the country in real-time.

What does this mean for you? If you had a bad experience (or even longish experience) report in on TwitterVote (new window). What does it mean for me? I have more data to watch!