Can't get enough of that Web 2.0 Kool-Aid….Or was it Tang?

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As a follow-up to Nicole Guerra’s post (new window) from this past weekend
on Web 2.0, I thought I’d direct your attention to a blog I posted today on the
Pew Internet and American Life Project’s (new window) website. In wake of last week’s launch
of OpenSocial by Google, I felt compelled to comment on the growing pressure to
be “social” online and have a virtual identity.

This idea of identity in the online world is one of growing
importance and branches across many subjects, including privacy, economics and
cultural studies, among others. For me personally, this is an important topic
because I am finding myself more deeply immersed in the social aspects of the
Web with each passing day. Oh yeah, and because I’m writing my thesis on virtual identities.

So check it out (new window), and I’d love to hear your feedback.