Blog Roundup: Crowdsourcing, Product Placement and, of course, Barack Obama

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The highlight of this past week at gnovis was our first post from Jason Turcotte, calling out the significance of Obama’s Web 2.0 presidency: “From his presidency on, Americans will come to expect superior communication and a more inclusive approach to governance.”

Jason joins us from the Media, Culture & Communication program at NYU, and will be contributing biweekly posts. We’re very excited to have him on board!

More from gnovis

  • Jed kicked off the week by reorienting the arrow of blame on the familiar old topic of privacy on Facebook: “As far as privacy goes, did Facebook screw up? Yes. Should they do better? Yes. Did we all ignore their terms of service? … Uh, yes.”
  • Margarita pondered crowdsourcing of the natural sciences and how this model of data gathering might alter our relationship to nature in the urban space.
  • Gladys, also from NYU, chipped in an analysis of TV product displacements: “Product displacements have the opportunity to flatter the intelligence of viewers, especially if they are parodic and satirical in nature.”

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