Activist Diaspora: From the Mall to the Internet

Posted in 2008 The Gnovis Blog

The way political protests — and particularly anti-war movements — have been shaped, organized and perceived over the last 30 years has changed significantly with advances in information and communication technologies. Through the lens of war, media and technology, the greatest commonalities and differences can be seen in the anti-war movements of the 1960s and the Vietnam War and today’s opposition to the Iraq War. The evolution of media and communication systems has made for a faster way to organize large groups of people and quickly disseminate information. But what has been the impact? This film will compare the protests of the 60s with those of today from the perspective of academics, participants, and media by way of interviews and archival footage of the historic protests and current shots of the recent protests in Washington.

Production Team
Eleeza Agopian (CCT ’08)
Mona Raphael (CCT ’09)
Megan Weintraub (CCT ’08)
Clarence Todd Williamson (CCT ’07)