Book Chat: Geoff Livingston

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Now Is Gone In this third episode of the gnovis podcast, I sat down for a brief chat with Geoff Livingston, author of Now is Gone: A New Media Primer for Executives and Entrepreneurs (new window), which hit stores earlier this week. Livingston is an alumnus of our sponsoring program, CCT, and the CEO of Livingston Communications, based in Alexandria, Virginia. His blog, the Buzz Bin (new window), is among the top twenty PR blogs in the world. Livingston was on Georgetown’s campus this week for a book signing and reception, hosted by CCT.

After the interview, I saw Livingston’s principle of "participation is marketing" in action, as he posted our search for coffee on Twitter:

Learn more about Geoff Livingston’s work at the following sites:

Livingston Communications:

The Buzz Bin:

Now Is Gone:

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