The Limits of Technology for Sustainable Development Challenges: Rovieng, Cambodia

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The widespread deployment of Internet technologies is dramatically impacting the world’s information infrastructures thereby reducing the planet to a much smaller place. New worldwide connections are made that link individuals from diverse cultures, classes, and socioeconomic backgrounds. While online technologies offer unprecedented communications opportunities, escalating reliance on them is causing a new problem. Cultural segregation, historically a – have – have not- phenomenon, is exacerbated when some cultures have better access to the Internet. Some international development workers are focused on using the Internet as a way to leapfrog weaker countries into forward motion and are trying to establish methods for doing so. Development workers in the Cambodian villages of Rovieng are currently addressing this challenge. They feel that by employing the Internet, Rovieng’s economy will benefit from a virtual marketplace and subsequently transfer profits towards the people’s basic needs and physical infrastructure. However, can this be achieved without the fundamental needs of the community being addressed first?

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