MTVtr3s: A Launch into Bicultural Latino Panethnicity

Posted in 2007 Journal


The United States’ continually growing Latin American population is transforming as subsequent and future generations, both born and raised in the United States, establish unique cultural identities. Regardless of ancestral and cultural differences, a similar panethnic Latino identity is shared and is defined by basic ethnic commonalities intrinsic to Latino heritage. However, as generations of Latino youth become American-born, a bicultural sensibility arises through the use of new panethnic identity markers such as Spanglish. This innovative concept of ‘Latinismo,’ which embraces growing biculturalism, is embodied most fully by MTVtr3s. It is this new phenomenon of Latino panethnicity, one that celebrates the simultaneous Latino-ness and American-ness of its youth, and symbolized by the September 2006 launch of MTVtr3s that is explored here.
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